New Creation

by wilbur by the sea

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Some songs from the first album sessions that seemed to go together, but didn't seem to go with the rest of the album.


released November 1, 2011



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wilbur by the sea Nashville, Tennessee

wilbur by the sea is sean knisely

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Track Name: Quiet Me
Hear my plea, oh Lord I am so weak
Would you take my burdens, bear them for me
Soon you'll cast out the enemy
Would you wipe my tears, hold me close and sing
You quiet me with your love
your heavenly melodies singing over me
You calm my soul from above
Unspeakable peace, singing over me
All my shame, Lord all my guilt you see
Still you say you'll delight in me
You're mighty to save, Lord let my soul believe
I should feel your wrath, but I hear you sing
I feel all alone, but you're here with me
My shame fills the air, but you died for me
My life you define, I'm yours
Track Name: The Song is Yours
I am the rich young ruler walking away
with all my gold, without my soul
I am the prodigal returning home again
If I question your heart, will I ever reach your arms
And now I stop just to breathe
You've been waiting here for me

I come back but I always leave
It's you who's chasing me
I grasp impossibly
But it's you embracing me
And I try to sing your melody
But the words I need escape my reach
Cause the song is yours and you're singing it to me

I am the wicked servant, lost and afraid
I doubt your heart and bury what you gave
And I feel like Judas, refusing to be saved
I hang myself in shame as you rise from the grave

Before I ever could have hoped to face you, you still came
Before I ever tried to embrace you, you still came
Before I ever could have hoped to follow